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How did this get front paged?

I can tell this took a lot of time to do, and I give you credit for the time and effort you put into it, but at the same time, its just more dried up family guy style humor.

Over all, Ill give you a 6 for the effort you put into it, but that's about it.

THis is a prime example

Of why we should keep certain memes in their respectful places. A lot of these seemed to not really get the point of troll physics as done on other sites. However not all of them were bad. I'll give you credit for the attempt, and I'll give credit to the people who actually know what they're doing, but about 9 out of 10 of them were aweful. 90% of them were "OMGZORZ INFINITE ENORGEEEEE" Which is over used and bland to see. Some of them didnt even make sense. Once again, credit for the attempt, credit for the people knowing what they were doing, no credit for the people who threw things together last minute, or failed to research, or the execution over all.

Heres the deal

I wouldn't post this here. Dont do it until you have an actual product instead of just a cycle. However, Your walking cycle is very smooth. Now work on an actual animation and you'll do great

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Ive played this before and I agree with the bottom comment. I at first thought it was just my laptop but he is right, that is a huge dissapointment in this aspect. Whenever I played it last year it didnt seem to have this problem, and now that Im trying to replay it its happening. Can ya fix this?

God Damnit

I lol'd way too hard at "contrail" and "Stranth" Great game. Reminds me of medieval


few bugs to work out but this is a good start, good job man

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Not bad.

Definitly gunna go back and listen to this when I'm tripping balls. It's like trance meets hardstyle. Nikoli can dig.

Nicely done

Try getting a little more growl out of your emulator and you'll have me comin back thats for damn sure. Really simple at parts, at the same time heavy where it needed to be. Followed structure very well. The heavy parts seemed a little soft compaired to the build up, but it caught me off gaurd and I liked it. I can dig.

superuberinsaneausm responds:



You don't see this type of tone very often anymore, not only that, but you used some modern day riff structures and harmonies for it. I can def dig.

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